5th Grade


This age is characterized by the harmony of the soul, so every effort is made to reveal the beauty of language as much as possible. As Ancient (Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek) history is taught in this class, the language theme of foreign languages reflects the topics of history and mother tongue lessons and is a leitmotif throughout the school year.

The muscles of children aged 10 to 12 are closely linked to the respiratory and circulatory systems, and this is what we promote through artistic orientation. They are like little Greeks - a harmonious body in a healthy soul. Children try not only to be tidy and beautiful, but also to nurture and take care of their bodies, as well as carefully manage their workbooks, illustrate, draw a lot, create and practice to be good orators. The children of the fifth grade, having reached the harmony of body and soul, draw the so-called free geometry - colorful and beautiful.

The beauty of the plant world is revealed to the fifth graders. The grain - the roots, the grass, the leaves, the flower - and again the grain: this is the path of cognition. The mysterious life of the flower, stem and leaves of the plant hides many natural mysteries, which are discussed with the fifth graders. The flow of emotions is amazing: beauty - surprise - respect - gratitude. It nourishes the soul of a child of this age.