12th Grade

In the last year, students have been working in a very focused way at the school - preparing for selected high school exams. Order, conciseness, concreteness color this final class. In mother tongue lessons, students focus on writing essays and repeating a course in literature and grammar. While reading English and German, they read various works of literature. Regular expressive reading exercises go deeper into the subtleties of language, the intricacies of intonation, and the expression of individuality, originality, and uniqueness. Prepared for the mathematics high school exam, the twelfth grader is able to think mathematically, communicate, research problems and find rational solutions to them. Class XII continues a course in general biology that culminates in the problems of the modern human relationship with the biosphere. A twelfth-grader who thinks in physics lessons can fully discuss scientific issues from a theoretical and empirical point of view. It is not the blind faith in science that is developed, but the ability to raise problematic issues.

In addition to intellectual education, Waldorf School develops imagination and creativity, so art subjects are also very important in the twelfth grade. In art lessons we get acquainted with the history of architecture, in sculpture lessons we help young people to understand that form is not only an expression of movement, but also of feelings and emotions.

Graduates develop their musical skills by singing a cappella or four-voice choral works with the accompaniment in the school's senior class choir. Develops creative powers in improvisation lessons.
Some students play in a school orchestra or chamber music ensemble. Attending concerts and opera performances encourages the last performance in the school musical. A fully formed young body provides an opportunity to improve the plasticity, dynamics and quality of eurythmy movements in eurythmy lessons. Young people are introduced to the history and performers of the art of eurythmy. Much work is being done to improve the solo performance in preparation for the final performance of the year. Technology lessons continue to work with wood or metal.

In the middle of the school year, students present Year Work , which they are preparing for one year. The project of the year gives the student the opportunity to choose and do work in an area of interest in which their talents, inclinations, needs and opportunities could be revealed. This work can be in the field of research, technology or the arts.

Baigęs Valdorfo mokyklą jaunas žmogus kaip savarankiškas individas — laisva ir atsakinga asmenybė — turėtų nešti savo darbo ir kūrybos indėlį į šiuoliakinės visuomenės gyvenimą.