11th Grade

Eleventh grade is very similar to fifth grade: easier, quieter, more focused.

Literary classics complement the mood of the class. Literary works and poetry are chosen by the teacher together with the students. Papers are written about writers, scientists and public figures. 

It's like an introduction to the twelfth final grade.

At the end of the twelfth cgrade, high school exams are taken. Order, conciseness, concreteness will color this final grade. The tasks are presented in a concrete and precise way, which will be discussed and what is required. All twelve years of language learning are reviewed.

Various works of literature are read according to needs. Year's work under development (optional) - a project on a chosen topic, such as human interests. What are your hobbies? What are people's hobbies in other countries and what are they in Lithuania? How do hobbies affect human development and activities? How are they nurtured? The project includes discussions and a specific artistic-visual image, e.g. a carved set of utensils, a drawn picture, a garment made of wool, or a bound book.

The smallest details of a foreign language, such as the subtleties of the use of grammar articles, the intricacies of intonation, in other words, the specific expressions of individuality, originality and uniqueness of a language, are increasingly delved into.

Able to learn independently. Choose correctly and responsibly. Thinking is scientific, task solving is creative. Inspired by the biographies of personalities of prominent contemporary scientists and artists.