10th Grade

The first steps towards yourself. Self-knowledge; seeking one's vocation; awakening clarity of thinking and decision-making powers; working with sympathies and antipathies; the ability to look at yourself as a personality - all this is very important in the 10th grade. Working with oneself and self-development exercises are extremely important in this age.

In this class, the pace slows down, calmness begins to spread (the whirlpools of adolescence calm down, only small waves ripple), restraint begins to go into detail before you think about it. The repetition of grammar, which deepens into its characteristic features: analysis of its structures, reading of lyrics, recitation, comparison, for example: poems of one author on a certain topic with the same subject or different poems of the same author on the same subject, is very compatible. Motivation to learn foreign languages is strengthened by comparisons and reviews of different languages, as it raises the question of how deeply language shapes consciousness and the worldview, in other words, the strength of developed language power. Texts with contrasting opinions or content are suitable for readings. The main themes such as good - evil, ideal - reality and so on - are very close to this age. Not only grammar but also other learning subjects are reviewed. It is important to know exactly what each student has achieved, where there is still work to be done, to work. Communication skills are developed and nurtured through the development of reading opportunities.

Work or practice with and between people is encouraged, and the importance of a dialogue and its development is emphasized.