1st Grade

In the first grade, children are surrounded by a world of fairytales. Much attention is paid to making the characters of all four temperaments act in the stories being told. Each child connects with the stoues, teacher, classmates through a clear temperaments of characters - a closer connection is established with the environment and learning subjects.

Letters also come from fairytales, each with its own story and emotional experience. Letters connect to syllables and then to words and texts. During the first year, children learn to write in capital letters, reading the texts they have written, which are often poems they have learned before about the changes taking place in nature at that time or the festivities of the year. Fairytale characters are presented with all four math operations performed within a hundred, which also corresponds to the four temperaments. With the help of rhythmic circle games, children learn the rhythm of numbers, which lays the foundation for learning the multiplication table.

Exercises and games at the beginning of the lessons - called the rhythmic part - are very important because they make the class a whole body breathing at the same rhythm. First-graders happily turn into fairy-tale characters by imitating the teacher and their classmates, performing language exercises, doing math, moving the body, and connecting emotionally with the ongoing learning process.

Children start learning English and German by telling and listening, singing songs, reciting poems. In addition to mathematics, native and foreign languages, the first graders also knit a tray for the pentatonic flute, which they learn to play during music lessons; cast watercolors, draw with chalks, get acquainted with the characters of pure colors, what happens when they meet, learn to represent various forms; every week, organize hikes in the forest all year round.

Through the content of the educational material, daily rituals, yearly festivals, recurring activities, the children experience the rhythm of the day, week and year, get acquainted with the rules and life of the school. An experience of security and sacredness is taking shape over the years. By the end of the first grade, students are already becoming a cohesive organization living at their own pace, having their own structure and ready to develop further. Most importantly, it all happens by immersing yourself in the imagination - the world of fairytales - in which it is easy to recognize what is good and what is bad, and to better understand yourself and others through various characters.